Current Endorsements

June 7, 2022 Election

Vote NO on Proposition C.

This year San Francisco voters overwhelmingly recalled three members of the Board of Education because they failed to do their jobs and prioritized their personal agenda ahead of public schoolchildren. This historic grassroots victory for San Francisco parents sent a message to every politician that we will hold them accountable.

But with Proposition C, it would be even harder for voters to ever recall failed politicians again. If Proposition C were already law, the three failed Board of Education members would still be in office today, damaging our public schools and students. Please join our diverse coalition of parents, advocates and San Francisco community leaders and VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION C.

Past Endorsements

February 15, 2022 Election

Vote YES on Proposition

Our organization’s leadership has concluded that Commissioners Allison Collins and Gabriela Lopez should no longer serve on the Board of Education. Their decisions and actions reached a crescendo in Collins's attempt to strip SFUSD and students of millions of dollars via her $87 million lawsuit against the school district, an action which President Lopez supported. This lawsuit was tossed out of court by a federal judge who determined that the suit was meritless. Furthermore, as President and former Vice President of the School Board they led our district into a financial crisis, potentially resulting in state takeover and further harm to our students. As an organization advocating for a thriving, equitable school system we feel the urgency to act now; that this cannot wait until a future election.

Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 9.55.21 PM
Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 9.55.21 PM