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November 9, 2021
November 9, 2021

By Meredith W. Dodson, Yvette Edwards and Cyn Wang
Special to The Examiner

After an impossibly challenging 18 months for students and teachers in our public schools, the potential state takeover of the San Francisco Unified School District means that things are about to get much worse...

Our parent organization represents a diverse array of SFUSD families and beyond, from every walk of life in San Francisco. While we generally do not support recall elections, and we were uninvolved with this one... This particular recall election represents egregious behavior, a true dereliction of duty and harm to our students and public schools.

We’ve concluded that commissioners Alison Collins and Gabriela López should no longer serve on the Board of Education. 


We are a public school parent led 501(c)4 organization based in San Francisco.

As the advocacy affiliate of the San Francisco Parent Coalition, our grassroots organization works towards policy change and electing candidates who support public school families and students.

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