2024 SFUSD Board of Education Endorsement ALERT!

SF Parent Action is proud to endorse SUPRYIA RAY to the SFUSD Board of Education.

See our full slate of endorsed candidates, including Parag Gupta and Jaime Huling, at the link below.

Supryia Ray Headshot

Supryia Ray


Founded in 2020 in response to San Francisco Unified’s pandemic response, we are a broad and diverse collective of San Francisco public school parents, students, teachers, and community supporters from over 110 schools across the city.

As the 501(c)(4) advocate affiliate of the San Francisco Parent Coalition, our organization works towards policy change and electing candidates who support public school students and families.

We advocate for policies that center the needs of children and youth in San Francisco public schools.

Our active community of public school families and public school champions works together to ensure a thriving, equitable school system.

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