November 2024 #ParentEndorsed
Candidate Endorsements

In November 2024, SF voters will elect four candidates to the SF Board of Education. After a thorough review process led by families, for families, SF Parent Action is proud to endorse SUPRYIA RAY, PARAG GUPTA, and JAIME HULING for the Board of Education, holding one seat open until a later date.

We anticipate that once again this year, SF Parent Action endorsement will be one of the strongest endorsements across our city to get these student-centered leaders elected to the SF Board of Education! 

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Our parent community is excited to endorse Supryia Ray because of her incredible experience as a parent, her deep involvement, and her role as a strong advocate.

She has a profound understanding of district issues, recent history, and key stakeholders. Parents appreciate her commitment, engagement, background, and her willingness to listen. In small group discussions during our endorsement process, Supryia demonstrated insight and knowledge about systems issues. Her strength lies in building broad coalitions and addressing important issues beyond the budget, such as safety and well-being.

Supryia is admired for her approach to finding solutions that benefit the greatest number of children from diverse backgrounds. Some of the youth highlighted Supryia as a good listener with specific ideas, justified confidence, and a heartfelt attitude, making her a well-rounded and passionate candidate who will be a strong leader for SF’s public school kids.

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Parag Gupta

Our parent community is excited to endorse Parag Gupta due to his incredible experience as a parent, strong advocacy, and deep involvement in district issues. He has a profound knowledge of the district's recent history and key people. Parag has successfully led large nonprofit organizations, shifting their culture and mindset, and he advocates for transparency and data-based decision-making. Parents appreciate his focus on fiscal responsibility, outcomes, and resource alignment. He is passionate, energized, and well-informed about the potential dangers of state takeover. Parag's transparency, high expectations for excellence, and outcomes focus resonate with SF Parents, aligning with our organizational views on issues and what kids need from SFUSD. He has concrete, measurement-driven, and governance-focused ideas for addressing challenges. Parents, teachers, and youth praised his intelligence, preparedness, and commitment to the job.

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Jaime Huling

Our parent community is excited to endorse Jaime Huling due to her deep knowledge of local and city government issues, which will be invaluable on the Board of Education. She emphasizes getting back to basics from a governance perspective and has a strong focus on problem-solving and tackling difficult issues. Parents believe she will fight for students and prioritize accountability. Her call for fully staffed schools and her alignment with SF Parents' issues are highly appreciated. Jaime's background as an activist from a young age and her legal experience are seen as significant assets. Youth praise her depth and complexity, seeing her as a perfect candidate for a diverse city like San Francisco. They also value her strong focus on tangible needs and informed, genuine care, making her a strong leader and an ideal choice for endorsement.

Join us in getting kid-focused candidates elected to the S.F. Board of Education this November!

In November 2022, SF voters elected three commissioners to the BOE. After a thorough review process led by families, for families, SF Parent Action endorsed Lainie Motamedi and Lisa Weissman-Ward for the Board of Education.

Our endorsed candidates were the top two vote getters in the November 2022 school board election.

Can you pitch in today to help us reach voters who prioritize San Francisco's children and families?