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Thank you for taking action to support our parent leaders and advance our work to ensure student-centered leaders and policies for SF public schools. Your generous donation helps power our organization, and builds our capacity to achieve wins for San Francisco’s public school students and families. Your donation of any amount amplifies our important work:

  • $25 funds a session meal for a Board of Education Fellow 
  • $100 supports a portion of materials for our 2024 candidate endorsement event
  • $250 pays for one month of our school board voter database
  • $500 funds a parent-led candidate questionnaire design session
  • $1,000 funds a Board of Education Fellows session for one participant
  • $5,000 funds the entire Board of Education Fellowship program for one participant
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Please use the form on this page to donate today, or inquire via [email protected] for other ways to make a contribution (mail a check, wire, stock transfer, etc.).

Or, to support our election work directly and to help student-focused candidates win school board races, you can donate to our political action committee, San Francisco Parent Action PAC.