COMING SOON: Nov. 2024 Endorsements

Board of Education: 

  • SF Parent Action will be endorsing four seats for the November 2024 Board of Education Election.

Local and State Measures:

  • SF Parent Action will also be endorsing local and state measures related to public education.


Stay tuned! More information coming soon....


Copy of a voice for all parents

March 5, 2024 Election Endorsements

Prop G - Vote YES ✅

Ten years ago, S.F. Unified eliminated algebra from its 8th grade curriculum based on a well-intended desire to “detrack” its schools and give students from underrepresented groups a better chance at taking more advanced classes later.

Unfortunately, the results have been disastrous and had the exact opposite of its intended effect. The education gap in math increased as low-income Black and Latino students no longer had access to advanced math courses from the district, while higher-income White and Asian students were able to supplement with private math classes.

S.F. kids can’t wait. SFUSD needs to right this wrong immediately and bring back algebra to 8th grade. Fortunately, SFUSD began this process earlier this school year and is making progress. But now that Proposition G is in front of us, we need to show the school board just how important it is that they give our students the education they need. Vote yes on Prop G.


Parent Feedback On SF Parent Action's Endorsement Process

“I was honored to be a part of the process, and appreciate the thought that went into the ranking and discussion and the vast knowledge of the people behind the names.” 

“I feel very privileged to be a part of all this and the process. When I randomly joined a Facebook group back in 2020 I NEVER would have guessed that this is where it would take me!"

“Wanted to say I really appreciate the DCCC process that was set up. Amazed at the depth of knowledge on the Board 👏”

Democratic County Central Committee - DCCC ✅

SF Parent Action is committed to supporting candidates who lift up parent voices in decisions about San Francisco’s public schools and who commit to putting our city’s kids before politics.

The DCCC (Democratic County Central Committee) has a significant impact on the election of the S.F. Board of Education and S.F. public schools, as a result. Given this fact, SF Parent Action’s Board of Directors has decided to endorse candidates for the DCCC after a thorough process including our 5-member Board and 8-member Parent Leadership Council representing schools and neighborhoods across every corner of the city. More details on our thorough process described below.

DCCC Endorsements:

We are excited to announce that SF Parent Action endorses the following candidates for the DCCC March 2024 Election:

AD 17 - East Side

Carrie Barnes
Trevor Chandler
Matt Dorsey
Michael Lai
Emma Heiken
Lily Ho
Peter Lee
Bilal Mahmood
Joe Sangirardi
Nancy Tung
Lyn Werbach
Luis Zamora
Cedric Akbar
Laurance Lee
AD 19 - West Side
Brian Quan
Catherine Stefani
Dan Calamuci
Jade Tu
Jen Nossokoff
Lanier Coles
Marjan Philhour
Mike Chen
Parag Gupta
Sara Barz

Endorsement Evaluation Process

parent endorsed final (1)

SF Parent Action ran a transparent and inclusive process, inviting all 52 registered candidates to complete a brief questionnaire with 5 "yes" or "no" questions and 1 long-form question, all related to decisions around supporting public education. Through the questionnaire we explored candidate positions on issues that matter to our public schools, such as Prop 13 reform to bring more funding to our public schools, the accessibility of 8th grade algebra and advanced math coursework for students who are ready, support for the 2022 recall of at least one school board member, and the candidates’ thoughts on the reopening timeline for our schools during the pandemic. We also asked an open-ended question about how they would make decisions on School Board candidate endorsements, should they be elected to the DCCC. 38 candidates completed our questionnaire, after having a full calendar week in mid-December 2023 to complete it.

The 38 questionnaires were scored blind, solely based on the answers provided. After scoring the questionnaires, they were sent out for review to our 5-member SF Parent Action Board of Directors and our 8-member Parent Leadership Council (PLC) representing public schools and neighborhoods across the city. Both groups had four days to read over the responses and the score. Candidates were then ranked according to score and SF Parent Action leaders discussed thoroughly before coming to group consensus and the Board voting on candidates to endorse.