Board of Education Bootcamp Fellowship

SF Parent Action runs a 5-session Board of Education leadership program focused on parent recruitment, training, and support to impart important knowledge of what it takes to effectively serve on and run for the Board of Education. Read our press release from our program launch in February of 2023, or this piece in EdSource written by two of our program graduates: Parents should get more involved with their local school board; here's how

This successful program launched in February 2023 and since then has graduated 18 strong parent and community leaders, who are ready to lead for SF's public school kids. The program prepares participants for
leadership positions--whether on the San Francisco Board of Education or other leadership opportunities serving our schools and public education system through:

Leadership skills: Enhancing participant leadership abilities through exposure to and practice of leadership tools, emphasizing self-awareness, interpersonal communication, trust-based relationships, and critical thinking.

Public education systems knowledge: Sharing detailed information on the public education landscape and how public school districts work in California and locally, who the key players are impacting public schools, and how schools function and are funded.

Effective board leadership training: Exposure to experienced education leaders who will share what makes an effective, student-centered school board member. Information on leadership and management best practices of governmental and non-governmental

Public office requirements and expectation setting: Conveying the realities and requirements of what it means to serve in a public office, as well as what it means to run as a candidate for a public office.

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Program Details

  • Learn what it takes to serve on the SF Board of Education
  • 5 monthly sessions with in-person graduation
  • Expert facilitation with focus on leadership skills + information that will help you decide if running for "BOE" is for you
  • Exposure to and connections with the people who know what it takes to run an effective campaign for elected office in S.F. AND be an excellent student-centered leader!

Key Dates

Session 1

  • California and S.F. context: The public education system and how school districts work

Session 2

  • A Day-in-the-Life of a Board of Education Commissioner

Session 3

  • What Makes an Effective School Board Commissioner

Session 4

  • How to Be an Effective Leader for Educational Equity and Excellence

Session 5

  • What it looks like to Campaign for Office in San Francisco
Members of all political parties and affiliations are welcome to participate in this program

Information for 2023-24 Fellows

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